Woodlands Retreat Beauty

Welcome to Woodlands Retreat

Woodlands Retreat is situated with in the beautiful grounds of Willowbank Holiday Park.

This beauty salon is located just 10 minuted drive away from Southport town center and only a 2 minute drive from Ainsdale & Formby villages. There are excellent public transport links from Ainsdale and Formby through to Southport or Liverpool via bus or train, so wether you drive or not theres always a means of escape for you to treat yourself here at Woodlands Retreat.

St. Tropez

Spray Tan

St. Tropez

Collin Paris

Collin Skincare

Resultime is a skincare brand that provides a complete range of facial treatments using science to create luxurious client experiences with dramatic results.

A result driven, advanced, sophisticated skincare brand offering a complete salon treatment range and homecare line.

High performance treatments where science meets luxury, Resultime is constantly innovating, creating treatments and products that correct the skin.

Resultime product ingredients are derived from 3 different origins:

  1. Bio Technical
  2. Plants
  3. Marine

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